Fast Instant Loans with Bad Credit for Guaranteed Credit Approval

The days of guaranteed credit approval from banks are over, but it is still possible to get an instant loan with bad credit from a specialist poor credit lender. Whilst it’s important to appreciate that a no credit check loan will be more expensive, it offers a quick cash advance for any purpose. There are also a variety of sources of easy approval credit and small short term loans for unemployed people who need to deal with a financial emergency. A fast cash loan is normally available for up to 30 days.

Guaranteed Credit Approval from a Pawnbroker

Pawn shops provide small short term loans to customers who are able to secure their advance based on the provision of an item of value. Common forms of collateral are gold, jewellery, electrical goods, watches and silver. It is normally possible to borrow 30% to 50% of the items value. It’s an ideal loan for unemployed people as no proof of income is required. Once satisfactory identification has been provided, a fast advance loan and receipt will be provided to the customer. Failure to redeem the loan at the end of the term will lead to the loss of the collateral.

Easy Approval Credit with a Poor Credit Payday Loan

It is possible to get a fast unsecured payday loan for up to $1,000. In order to get approval, the customer must be a U.S. citizen, over-18 and have a full-time job. The other requirements are a valid checking account and two forms of identification. Meet these criteria and an instant loan for bad credit is guaranteed. The customer provides a postdated check that clears on payday and the lender will wire the fast cash loan to that person’s checking account. Although the emergency cash advance is unsecured, non-payment will lead to further interest and charges accruing.

Bad Credit Auto Title Loans Provide Fast Cash Today

If a poor credit payday loan isn’t sufficient, an online car title loan may provide a sufficient sum of money to pay the bills. Customers borrow money based on the value of their vehicle so at least 75% of any outstanding car finance must have ben cleared. In order to get guaranteed credit approval, it will also be necessary to provide a copy of the car title and a duplicate pair of car keys. Failure to repay the debt will lead to the repossession and sale of the vehicle. Subject to the amount borrowed, it may be possible to renew or extend the lending term.

Cost of a Quick Cash Advance Loan from Bad Credit Lenders

A fast bad credit loan for $600 accrues about $150 of interest in just one month. Repaying this debt can be challenging, especially if finances are already tight. The cost of an emergency cash advance is high because there isn’t much time for the lender to recover their administrative expenses. However, the main reason for the high APR is that a large percentage of customers will default. It is important to remember that these specialist lenders are working with customers that have already been rejected by the banks.

Dangers of Instant Loans with Bad Credit Scores

Although guaranteed credit approval means that a consumer can negotiate an emergency bill, a small short term loan from a bad credit lender has many potential pitfalls. The usury rate of APR makes it difficult to find enough money to pay the bills the month after. Unless the borrower is expecting a bonus, has worked overtime or has sold a few items to raise money, a quick cash advance can lead to a cycle of dependency. Avoid borrowing money for frivolous or impulse purchases. If experiencing financial difficulties, it is advisable to consult a credit counselor.