Roadside Assistance When Traveling Abroad

If you are a long-time commuter, you probably already know the value of having roadside assistance cover. It turns those unexpected events, like a flat tire, locking your keys inside the vehicle with the motor running, a spark plug launched like a projectile from the motor, broken belts, leaking hoses and more into simple peccadilloes. Instead of becoming major disasters, they are just something that happens and you move on.

Roadside Assistance for Your Vacation

There are a lot of jokes about an old commercial aired by a well-known charge card. The commercial had the tag line, “Don’t leave home without it.” Modern licensed drivers all know that good insurance coverage is as essential to have as your keys. You don’t want to leave your driveway without it. In addition to the basic coverage, which is required by law in most places, roadside assistance is very nice to have in your wallet or glove box. This is especially true if you are planning to take a motor vacation in an unfamiliar area. It is handy for business trips, as well as for your free time adventuring, you can even cover your bike.

A Helping Hand in Unfamiliar Lands

If you have roadside assistance for your ordinary commute at home, you already know about all the basic perks. You might even know about towing. If your car is sufficiently new, you might even have used the breakdown insurance that helps to pay for major repairs. What you might not realize is just how valuable it can be to be able to contact someone who speaks your language if you are traveling in an area where the people do not share your way of speaking.

Auto mechanics tend to have a language all their own. Dealing with an automotive repair shop in a second language can exponentially add to the confusion. Your roadside assistance insurance company is likely to have an operator who can help you get a tow to a reasonably priced garage that will be able to repair your kind of vehicle.

Saving Your Trip

Suppose for a moment that you have gotten the tow, you’ve arranged for the repair, but it will take several days to get a needed part. You have a limited amount of time that you can remain in the area. Your visa might run out or you might need to be back at work in a few days. In addition, you might have a list of things to see or even an event to attend.

Not to panic. With the right kind of coverage, your insurance company will help you locate a rental car and might even kick in on the expense. It might be able to help you locate over-night lodging. In general, it can help keep your trip from becoming an expensive loss whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Planning Your Itinerary

It is a super idea to get your insurance agent in on planning your travel itinerary. Insurance coverage requirements can vary from country to country. If you are traveling across Europe, for example, you might be crossing several borders while taking in the sights. You want to be sure to have the right kind of coverage, both for potential accidents and for those unfortunate mechanical breakdowns. Your insurance agent can help you with being sure to have the right insurance no matter where you will be traveling. You might have to purchase more than one policy, but your agent should be able to advise you about that.

Roadside Assistance, Don’t Leave Home Without It

We live in a world where even a trip to the grocery store has the potential for mechanical failure. Roadside assistance can take the uncertainty out of all your travels, short or long.